The Bystander Story (2022)

The Bystander Story fuses studio re-enactments, interviews, archival, bodycam and CCTV footage. To tell a radically new story about psychology’s bystander experiments. It begins in the 1960s with Kitty Genovese. And ends with George Floyd. The Bystander Story investigates how strangers come together to help strangers.

Nominated ‘Best Short Documentary’ Australian Directors’ Guild
Nominated ATOM Awards (Industry) ‘Best Documentary – History’ and ‘Best Documentary Short.’

Experiment 20 (2018)

A verbatim performance documentary giving voice to women who resisted in Stanley Milgram’s infamous Obedience experiments.

Shock Room (2015)

“Changed my fundamental view of human nature: permanently… not just a must-view; a must-view many times over.”

George Akerlof, Nobel Laureate in Economics, 2001

Awarded ‘Best Australian Documentary,’ Antenna Documentary Festival 2015
Nominated ‘Best Public Documentary,’ AWGIES (Australian Writers’ Guild Industry Excellence.)

Random 8 (2012)

“From one of Australia’s most distinctive filmmakers.”

The Boot Cake (2008)

“An astonishing testament to the far-reaching influence of silent cinema.”

David Robinson, Chaplin’s biographer

“A film with a very special bounce.”

Chicago IFF

Nominated ‘Best Public Documentary,’ AWGIES (Australian Writers’ Guild Industry Excellence.)
Nominated Gold Hugo, Chicago IFF

Travelling Light (2003)

A moving and gently comic story about that time in your twenties when the future beckons and the world becomes uncertain, exciting, scary and enticing, all at once.

Nominated for 4 Australian Film Institute Awards (Best Cinematography, Best Original Music and Best Original Feature Screenplay) and Winner Best Supporting Actress – Sacha Horler.
Nominated ‘Best Original Screenplay – Feature’, AWGIES (Australian Writers’ Guild Industry Excellence.)

Parklands (1996)

“Haunting…an emotional detective story.”

“Millard thrives on the thrill of investigation.”

Winner ‘Best Cinematography’, AFI Awards – Mandy Walker
Nominated ‘Best Original Screenplay,’ AFI Awards

Light Years (1991)

“A portrait of photographer Olive Cotton…Kathryn Millard’s film mirrors Cotton’s elegant pictures.”

Sydney Morning Herald

Olive Cotton Archival Film (1990)

Commissioned by the Women’s Film Fund and National Film and Sound Archive

Point Of Departure (1987)

“A beautifully shot docu-drama about Australian writer and political activist Jean Devanny.”

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