Kathryn has also contributed book chapters, essays and criticism to journals including The Conversation, Wet Ink, Island,
Art Monthly Australia, Realtime, the Journal of Screenwriting and the Journal of Social Issues.

Double Exposure:

How Psychology Fell In Love with the Movies

“A landmark work! The classic films that reported human behaviour experiments selectively told one story but many more were possible…Millard explains why the dominant stories won out with an insightful provocative mix of analysis and speculation.”

Bill Nichols

Double Exposure examines the role of film in shaping social psychology’s landmark postwar experiments. We are told that most of us will inflict electric shocks on a fellow citizen when ordered to do so. Act as a brutal prison guard when we put on a uniform. Walk on by when we see a stranger in need. But there is more to the story. Documentaries that investigators claimed as evidence were central to capturing the public imagination. Did they provide an alibi for twentieth century humanity? Examining the dramaturgy, staging and filming of these experiments, including Milgram’s Obedience Experiments, the Stanford Prison Experiment and many more, Double Exposure recovers a new set of narratives.

“Brilliant…the first survey to look beyond Hollywood for its rich and varied inspiration.”

Adrian Martin

“Gem-like essays about the nature of creativity and collaboration that illuminate the working methods of a diverse group of filmmaker.”

Kelley Conway

Screenwriting in a Digital Era examines the practices of writing for the screen from early Hollywood to the new realism. Looking back to prehistories of the form, Kathryn Millard links screenwriting to visual and oral storytelling around the globe, and explores new methods of collaboration and authorship in the digital environment.

Kathryn is a writer and award-winning filmmaker.

As writer and director, Kathryn has made ten films—documentaries, feature dramas and essay films. Screened at major festivals, they have been broadcast and streamed around the globe.

Kathryn writes on film, art and culture. Her published and produced writing encompasses screenplays, essays, criticism and audio features.